Greetings, swillers.

It is my belief that Ohio suffers from a bit of a self-esteem problem.  While the rest of country relies on tired and overused images of burning rivers and losing sports team to define the region, the O-H is hustling to perfect its beverage industry.  Certain parts of the state are great for growing grapes, grain and hops that produces many award-winning vintages and brews, but venue listings are often lost in the dusty folds of some rest stop brochure or appear on an antiquated website that nods to the days of Angelfire. With the craft beer boom of recent years, brewers are finding their home on the shores of Lake Erie and beyond, here is a ridiculous list of breweries that set up shop in our state. Meanwhile, the art of distilling is merely in its infancy here but it’s got big paws and will no doubt grow up to be an even bigger presence.

Well, Ohio, I’m here to advocate the crap out of your beer, wine and spirit industry, and I’m taking readers along for the ride.  I’ve amassed a team of drinkers ranging from the common bar fly to certified Sommelier and we’ll be toasting our way around Ohio and spreading the good word of its beverage products and venues.  Look for reviews on local booze as well as highlights of the wineries, breweries and distilleries we find along the way.

Step aside, California.  #DrinkTheEast.