Avon Brewing Company [Avon]

Avon Brewing Company [Avon]


Along the edges of the majestic French Creek sits Avon Brewing Company, a restaurant/brewery in Avon, Ohio.  I was solo for this trip, but Gary the bartender was a big help in choosing beers and food. I sat at the bar so didn't get a chance to see the restaurant portion, but the bar part was sizable and comfy.  There's wine and liquor for the non craft brew drinkers, and this place also sports beertails, cocktails made with their own craft beer.  Since I had over an hour drive to get home, I stuck with the traditional side of the menu, but know if you've ever wondered what the love child of spirits and beer would be, Avon Brewing has your answer. Avon currently has five of its own beers on tap with more on deck and a substantial list of guest brews. Here's the flight of all the brews made in house:


  • Barista Blonde: A first for me in that it's a blonde ale cold brewed with Ethiopian coffee. Awesome approach and I made some notes to try and replicate this in an experimental brew on my own. Distinctive taste that was pretty good, I want to come back for a second go at this...
  • French Creek Pale Ale:  With mosaic (one of my favs) and citra hops, this one was both full of citrus flavors with pronounced bitterness.  Still drinkable for my palate and I found it quite refreshing despite my small dog tolerance to bitter things.
  • Eagle IPA- OK, this one was good.  I was not expecting to like an IPA but this had orange marmalade and oats brewed in it and it was a really great experience. It was a toss up if I was bringing home a growler of this or the pale ale as both were really  enjoyable.  Though I chose the Pale Ale, I have this one marked for next time.
  • Black Widow IPA: I appreciate it for what it is, but this one had me in a choke hold. If strong, dark and bitter is your thang, this is it!
  • King KoKonut- This was pretty good, dark and creamy as advertised and a nice drinker.  I just really felt stronger for the first three on this list.

Other notables:

  • Glorious bathroom with multiple stalls.  Huzzah!
  • Large list of guest brews and bottles, and a pretty large menu. The food I ordered was great and this seems like a pretty great spot for grub with the bonus of a craft beer experience.
  • The only to-go size is growler.
  • Friendly staff and other guests, despite being alone and looking creepy with a notebook and taking pictures, I was not shorted conversation partners.
  • Some funky parking right off a busier road/intersection, particularly if you're like me and bombing past and almost miss it, keep your eyes open as its right there on the corner!

Another one in the books, give Avon Brewing a go if you travel to western CLE!

Avon Brewing Company 37040 Detroit Rd Avon, OH 44011 http://www.avonbrewingcompany.com/



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