Platform Beer Co. [Cleveland]

Platform Beer Co. [Cleveland]


If you've been keeping up with the musings of this blog, you know this kid loves the sour life.  I've heard word of breweries that still experiment with the tart ambrosia, but in these IPA crazed times I've all but lost hope of one day walking into a place and having more than one sour on tap. BEHOLD!  Platform Beer Co. has the boom sauce via their 12 kettle sour series. /cries


Here's what I sampled:

  • Platform Bunny Pajamas (Sour)
  • Platform Lawlessness (porter)
  • Platform Cherry Darling (Sour)
  • Platform City Boy (Sour)
  • Disco Godfather (Gose)
  • Platform Peach Spreader (Sour)
  • Platform Jocote Project with Rangpur Lime
  • Summer SMASH (all gone, we kicked this keg!)

...Full disclosure, there were about five others brews that I sampled, but I cannot read my writing because: A:  Totally didn't eat breakfast and WITbeer and I ordered a buttload of beer and B:  Some shenanigans occurred mid-tasting in that a car almost went sailing into the brewery after a collision on the street.  Fortunately, people (and beer) were spared thanks to a light pole that was divinely placed years before in front of the building.  Thanks, light pole and city planners of years past, we poured a little out for you!  Anyways, I was distracted for about 45 minutes trying not to gawk at the scene while simultaneously continuing to taste and bring you the good news about the beer here (also, everyone was OK, we checked before returning to stare and drink).  I'm pretty sure I got all my standout notes here, despite the vehicular distraction.


The Standouts

Cherry Darling: It was as perfect a sour as a sour can be. Tart, light, enough bubbles to keep the party going and a dry finish.  Delish.

Disco Godfather:  I've been experimenting with Goses (Gosi? what IS the plural of that style...) in my spare time and feel if you're new to the style, THIS is the one to enter the pool with.  Some might be turned off to these salty beers, but this was light on the salty taste and heavy on some awesome flavor.  If you're looking for a gateway Gose, this is it.  Get yourself out on that dance floor.

Platform Peach Spreader:  One of my favorite beers of all-time might have been unseated by Platform Beer Co.  I am a big fan of Ithica Brewing Company's Apricot Wheat, and this delivered a similar taste with a twist, one I enjoyed (unlike the twist in Netflix's The OA...ugh!).  A must try, IMO.

Last but not least, the Jocote Project. We were advised to try this last due to its unique after flavor and it turned out to be a super finale to a great afternoon.  I will always appreciate a beer when it can provide a taste I haven't yet experienced.  Jacote delivered some stone fruit flavor and combined it with pure magic (probably, didn't get a chance to confirm with the brewer on this).  I almost got some persimmon notes in there, it was as subtle but present, the aftertaste (indeed on the strong side) only lingers a moment and then ebbs, leaving you to wonder what just happened. TRY THIS BEER WHEN YOU GET HERE.  It was an experience.

Other Notes:

  • Multiple stalls in the bathrooms downstairs. Awesome.
  • Food is available at certain times, they have brunches and dinner food scheduled out from different vendors, check before you go.  Otherwise, there's some chips/pretzels/snacks available to keep the buzz to a manageable level.
  • Friendly, helpful staff, thanks for a great tasting experience!
  • Large taproom, big bar, lots of space with views of the tanks working hard.

In summation, this sour haven is pretty awesome.  If you like sour beer then run, do not walk, to Platform Beer Co.  If you don't like sour beer, you should still come, I just couldn't bring myself to not dig into these.  Another visit will be in order to taste the other menu items, and fortunately Platform has a long, impressive list of in-house brews that will merit another adventure here.

Platform Beer Co. 4125 Lorain Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44113



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